What does the SeleniumFury generator find on a page for you?

What should you expect SeleniumFury to find on a page for you?   Take a look behind the curtains at the PageParser class on git hub.
You will find that I am using Nokogiri xml parser to find elements and you will see this list of html elements that I am looking for.

          @nokogiri_selectors= ["select",

The only fields that are found are simple HTML fields.

For more complex UI elements like jquery select menus, I usually will define the class and write a unit test for the actions that can be done on the component.
You can use the page method on PageObject to define a subpage or page component like this.

class SelectMenu < PageObject     #This could be a jquery select menu     element :select_menu, {:id => "selectSomething"}
    def select index
      #code to select
class SearchPage < PageObject
     #add the component to your main page
     page :select_menu, SelectMenu
#Use your page component

I have more examples of this in the SeleniumFury source. See this PageObject Unit Test(spec)

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