I started my blog to help communicate solutions I have found through my work experience.  I am currently writing Selenium test using Ruby 1.9. I use Rspec and Cucubmer test runners.  I create multiple internally hosted page object gems for use in multiple test projects.  We use TeamCity as our continuous integration system that serves as a source of up-to-date test results for all development teams in the company.

I use RubyMine for developing Ruby tests and IntelliJ for Java tests.  I run a local instance of the Selenium Grid for development purposes and manage a company wide Selenium Grid for continuous integration tests.I use the Rubymine integration with rake to run my scripts locally in parallel.  I develop on a Mac book pro and the scripts run on Cent OS team city agents. I use the selenium-webdriver gem for local runs and the selenium-standalone jar for the Grid.

I am the team lead for 6 local test developers and 4 outsourced developers. We are planning to more than duble the local team between 2012 and 2013.


I have extensive experience in programming languages, test automation, and operating systems. I am an efficient organizer who solves complex problems with innovative solutions. I enjoy communicating complex ideas to team members and being a key team player in accomplishing group productivity.


Ruby, Cucumber,Rspec, C#, ASP.net MVC, Web Based Applications, Ruby On Rails, Network Security, Telecommunications, Enterprise Storage.

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