My Open Source Projects

SeleniumFury My open source project that is the base of our developer testing infrastructure at HomeAway. It is a Ruby page object generator and verification tool for Selenium RC (selenium client gem) and Selenium2 (selenium-webdriver).  We support ruby 1.9 and soon Jruby. It requires that you start a Selenium server for Selenium RC tests to pass along with the Selenium-Webdriver tests.

MineSweeperRobot  I entered and won a contest to build a tool to win at a javascript implementation of mine sweeper.

DeepTest This is a now deprecated source of a ruby tool to run Rspec 1.1.12 in  parallel.  We now use another open source project for Rspec 2.x tests to run in parallel. We will soon have another project to support Rspec and Cucumber parallel in Jruby.

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