In the recent weeks two individuals decided to add false posts on social media. I have reported this information posted is libel and I am working with the support team to remediate this incident.

Home Karaoke Setup with a MacBook and Apple TV

This is an easy setup I use for house parties.

What you will need
– Apple TV
– Mac Book Pro

Setup Video
– Open display settings. Find your apple tv in the airplay display drop down and select it.
– I arranged my TV above my computer

Setup Audio

– In audio settings select your apple tv as the output device.

If using apple music, you can put the mini player on your TV display and expand it. You can set it up to show lyrics.

If you want to use karaoke from youtube, I open it in chrome, put the window on the TV and then go full screen.

This is great for learning lyrics and practicing for live performances.

Using a mixer and PA system
If you want to setup mics, get a mixer and connect a USB player between your Mac Book and mixer. You can mix the audio from the MacBook with your mics and play through a PA system.

In order to do this you will keep the display going to the TV, but select the audio output to go to the mixer instead of the Apple TV

Speech to Text All the Things!

It’s time to get out of the nineteen hundreds people, you don’t have to type any more. Just speak and the text will appear on your apple device. 

This works for all text input because it is connected to the keyboard. 

This means that you don’t have to type notes, texts, social media posts, lists or any text input ever again on an Apple device. 

Here is the support link on the apple site to down load and install the package for speech to text input. It requires a small download and then maps to the “fn + fn” shortcut.


Speech to Text All the Things!

Track your tracking.

There is a lot of talk about personal data being worth so much to advertisers these days. I recently found links that show what is being tracked for your account.

This one has activity for searches on the internet, maps, and assistant devices.


I also found that your mail data can be searched and any receipt emails are tracked here.




JetBrains blogs

Minimalist Software Engineering

Do you approach software engineering as a minimalist?

The fastest code is the code that doesn’t run at all.

Running fewer SQL queries is better than running more queries.

Fewer features means less complexity.

Fewer libraries means less complexity.

Fewer tools means less complexity.

Complexity costs time.

Complexity costs money.

Doing nothing is better than doing something useless.

How To Create A New Composer PHP Package

  1. git init demo-composer-package
  2. cd demo-composer-package
  3. composer init
  4. composer install
  5. composer validate
  6. Follow the guide for your php version https://phpunit.de/getting-started-with-phpunit.htm
Use this autoload functionality in your composer.json
"autoload": {
    "classmap": [

It makes your /src classes available in your tests directory so you don’t have to require them.

Instructional Video Table of Contents (YouTube)

Today I found this link to the  YouTube Iframe API Reference.  I find this interesting because I think that adding something like a table of contents to a video could be super helpful when if you want to reference the video. For example with instructional videos, a table of contents could provide an overview of video segments you might be interested in. It would let you quickly jump around instead of manually searching the video to find the point that you are interested in.
I used to go to user group meetings to find out the latest and greatest in programming and software development.  I could see this API being used after the video is filmed and adding click points.  I always want to tell friends about something that I learned at a presentation, and with the content links I could share the exact point where I liked the content.
I can imagine if video place markers were sharable then we might have metrics where we can see what points of a video are getting the most interest and shares.

How to use a extension with chrome and selenium-webdriver

Get the extension

I thought this would be the easy part. Turns out that the new chrome web store only lets you install directly to chrome.


Create And Use a profile

  • After you download your crx file put it in the same repo as your test. Next create a chrome profile and use the add_extension method.
      profile = Selenium::WebDriver::Chrome::Profile.new
      profile.add_extension(File.dirname(__FILE__) +"/chrome_extensions/adblock/AdBlock_v2.5.61.crx")
  • Now you can use the new profile to with a driver
      Selenium::WebDriver.for(:chrome,:profile => profile)

Trouble Shooting

  • be sure that your chromedriver is updated. I used 26.0.1383.0
  • chrome  26.0.1410.43
  • selenium-webdriver  2.31.0

Creative Inspiring Motivator

Recently my team at HomeAway got personal profiles done from http://www.insights.com. It was quite a fun process. Under their categorization, I am a Creative Inspiring Motivator.  This is what came back as my key strengths:

  • Outwardly directed energy ensures a fast friendly pace.
  • Creative thinker and dynamic innovator.
  • A natural entrepreneur, inquisitive and adaptable.
  • Builds relationships quickly and effectively.
  • Able to see the larger picture.
  • Takes advantage of opportunities.
  • Ability to see options and alternatives.
  • A visionary generating infectious enthusiasm.
  • Able to turn vision into a reality.
  • Enjoys having lots of harmonious relationships.